About Us

The Way Farer Trans Company was established in 2005, it is a company with Romanian capital and a prestigious tradition on the Romanian transport market, as well as on the European one.

Our company provides domestic and international transport services under the door to door regime.

With a vast experience in the domain, we have always tried to satisfy our clients promptly and professional. Our motto is ,flexibility, quality and speed.

Growing year over year, the company has doubled and also tripled its revenue. The fleet is well equipped with the last generation of trucks and semitrailers.

Your cargo is monitored by the GPRS system, that provides constant and fast information, so the customer knows at any moment the exact position of freight carried. For special clients, who own the tracking system needed, we can provide non-stop access to our system.

To assist the customers we have conceived:
-a modular pricing system based on the frequency with which the customer chooses us as a carrier;
-a advisory service for clients in order to optimize the transport and reduce the costs;

During the transport, the customers goods are assured by CMR insurance, up to the value of 200,000 Euro. Reliability and safety are fundamental values in our day to day activity. The main goal is to satisfy our customers requirements.

Looking forward to further collaborations, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.